Chelsea Power Take Off parts for heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks & equipment. Auxiliary power component repair and replacement parts for: dump trucks, wreckers, roll-off, pump trucks, vacuums, generator, semi trucks, tractor trailers, farm equipment and more.

We stock a wide selection of Chelsea PTO: gears, shafts, clutches, housings, rebuild kits, gasket & seal kits, bearing kits and any other accessories needed for your Parker Chelsea power take off model. The power take off is used to transmit power from a transmission or other source of power to run or power a pump or external accessory. is your discount source for the Parker® (Chelsea) line of PTO repair and replacement parts. Chelsea offers a complete line of units for American, Japanese and European auxiliary power requirements. 6-bolt, 8-bolt and 10-bolt models.

We stock all Chelsea PTO parts, the biggest name in power take-offs. We also service and repair any other PTO on the market.

We can also design a Chelsea power take-off auxiliary power solution for your application. Give us a call and a trained PTO expert will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have!

To set up a Chelsea PTO solution for your application, we need a few things:

1. The transmission model number.
2. Sitting in the seat what side will the PTO mount on. (Left or Right)
3. How will you shift the P.T.O, (Cable, Air, Electric, Lever)
4. Will the pump mount directly to the PTO or will you use a driveshaft.
5. Type of truck are you building, (Roll Off, Wrecker, Dump Bed, Pump Truck)
6. Percentage of engine speed needed. (Ratio)
7. GPM if pump is also needed.

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